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"Gazovik" Group of Companies – Step-by-Step History

Step 10. January ‘15 - present time

Employees number: 365-120+

    • The 1st edition of the LPG Reference Book was released (2015). An overview of valves for various purposes, gas regulators, pumps, pumping stations, pumping and counting stations, compressors and compressor stations, vaporizers and vaporizing installations, mixing systems, vaporizing and mixing systems, technological systems, equipment for filling stations, accounting devices and systems was presented for the first time.
    • In 2017 the “Neftekhimmontazh-Engineering” company (Astrakhan city), working in the market over 20 years, entered the group.
    • In conditions of the economic crisis in Russia and significant change of the ruble exchange rate against major world currencies, important changes in the strategic plans of the company have been made.
    • The group of companies has been restructured: from 2nd quarter 2015 the number of unprofitable divisions has been gradually reduced, the total number of staff has decreased more than three times.

                Step 9. February ‘13 - January ‘15

                Employees number: 315-365

                  • Strategic development Division was created, medium-term (2016-2017) and long-term (up to 2020) development strategies were formulated.
                  • In addition to the existing manufacture on “Gas-Service” Plant the production of the new products at “Gazovik” Industrial Gas Eqipment Plant was started: gas cabinets “Gazovichok”, “Optimus” and “Maximus”, universal modular boiler-houses.
                  • The 6th edition of the IGE (Industrial Gas Equipment) Reference Book was released (2013), the new sections were presented in it: connection details and elements of polyethylene pipes, LPG equipment, mixing systems for creation of synthetic natural gas.

                              Step 8. March ‘11 — January ‘13

                              Employees number: 184 – 315

                              • An Educational Center is created, employees education and certification programs are approved.
                              • A staff department and a publicity workshop began their work.
                              • A Moscow company LLC “Neftehimmontazh” joined to the Group.
                              •  A rebranding and reconstruction of the company style were performed.
                              • We have derived a single scale of brands “Gazovik”.
                              • Separate brands “Gazovik-ChemMash”, “Gazovik-HeatEnergo”, “Gazovik-Mixing System” were created.
                              • Branch office “Gazovik Project” and “Gazovik” Industrial Gas Equipment Plant were opened.
                              • Own production of boilers on the manufacturing base Ltd. “Gas Service” and gas-regulating equipment on Industrial Gas Equipment Plant "Gazovik” is opened.

                              Step 7. November ‘09 — February ‘11

                              Employees number: 136 – 184*

                              A steady development and employees’ skills improvement. The Company becomes an active player on several independent markets:

                              • of the industrial gas equipment;
                              • of tanks and tank equipment;
                              • of the construction and installation works for oil-and-gas industry objects;
                              • of the block-assembling equipment for the oil-and-gas industry;
                              • of the technological equipment and rig;
                              • of the equipment for pipes-cutting and edge-preparation;
                              • of the capacitive and technological equipment for a liquefied petroleum gases (LPG);
                              • of the industrial equipment for an air conditioning, venting and cleaning.

                              Step 6. April ‘02 — October ‘09

                              Employees number: 58 – 136

                              • The company became famous and gained a real authority.
                              • A catalog “The industrial gas equipment” is published.
                              • A web-site with the industrial gas equipment search feature is started.

                              2002. A department of the oil equipment is converted into a separate company “Gazovik-Neft”, specialized in tank batteries design and installation.

                              2002. A new R&D center “Gazovik” is created to study the Russian industrial gas equipment market and for the catalog “The industrial gas equipment” publishing.

                              2003. A separate company “Gazovik-Pipe” is created for deliveries of the equipment for the pipelines building and repairing.

                              2007. A trading house “Zavod Neftegazmash” is created for deliveries of of the equipment for the whole oil-and-gas industry.

                              2008. A separate company “Gazovik-Vent” is created for the delivery and installation of the industrial vent equipment.

                              Step 5. August 2000 — March ‘02

                              Employees number: 15 – 58

                              • A strategy of the entrance the whole Russia market is developed and successfully fulfilled.
                              • Close partner relations with many Russian gas factories and industry gas equipment manufacturers are established.
                              • An acquisition of the proper office building and a vehicle fleet.
                              • A new warehouse is designed and built.

                              Step 4. August ‘98 — July 2000

                              Employees number: 6 – 15

                              • The new room is  taken by lease nearby the JSC “Saratovgas” building. The first shop “Gazovik” is opened.
                              • A direct cooperation with manufacturers of the industrial gas equipment is established.
                              • Close partnership with JSC “Giproniigas”.
                              • The slogan “Price in Gazovik is the price of manufacturer” is acquired.
                              • Attempts to enter the neighbor regions markets.

                              Step 3. February ‘98 — July ‘98

                              Employees number: 6

                              • Due to an ownership change the lease contract with the JSC “Saratovgas” is cancelled. A new rooms search.
                              • A temporary shop on the furniture factory territory.

                              Step 2. December ‘95 — February ‘98

                              Employees number: 4

                              • Retail sales of the household gas equipment in the JSC “Saratovgas” building.
                              • Raw materials and equipment deliveries for the JSC “Saratovgas”.
                              • Design and installation works commissioned by the JSC “Saratovgas”.
                              • Mutual offsets with the JSC “Saratovgas” debtors.
                              • Equipment deliveries for boiler houses in Astrakhan Oblast (over 50 turnkey boiler houses commissioned by the SUE “Astrakhanzhilkomhoz” and the JSC “Neftehimmontazh”).

                              Step 1. April 1991 — November ‘95

                              Employees number: 2 – 4

                              • Design and installation of the gas pipelines systems for final consumers.

                              “Gaz Servis” becomes the first company of the group

                              The date of foundation is April, 17, 1991. The place of foundation is Saratov city, Russian Federation.